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Orgone pendant SPECIAL EMF PROTECTION silver

Orgone pendant SPECIAL EMF PROTECTION silver

With precious jungle & black tourmaline

This specially strong orgonite pendant, made in several layers, is very well suited to protect yourself from radiation. For example in the office or in public transport, car etc. where there is increased radiation.

Precious jungle has been scientifically studied and it has been proven that it protects our body from harmful EMFs. You can do your own web research on the subject and you will find a lot. Remember that orgonite increases the energy of any crystal I will put into it, so even a small piece of precious jungle can go a long way to help when you are overwhelmed by the effects of technology.

Another special feature of these orgonites is the integrated E-Link technology. According to the manufacturer, this is the same technology that is used to protect the CPUs in computers. Without appropriate protective shielding, the CPU of a computer would not be able to function due to the interference from electromagnetic fields EMF. Computer manufacturers have been using this technology for decades. But only recently have we started using this technology to protect ourselves. The E-Link is cast on the back of the trailer. We tested the E-Link with the electrosmog device - they

The pendant is supplied with a stainless steel pendant loop and a braided synthetic leather cord chain. You get an orgonite similar to the one in the picture.

Contains: Flower of Life, black tourmaline, precious jungle, selenite, rock crystal, magnesium and brass shavings, iron oxide, E-Link

Diameter: approx. 4cm / thickness: approx. 0.8cm / handmade by Fabienne

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